Bought the perfect coffee mug at Potter Kei Kawachi’s studio

My husband’s friends came from Madrid in August. We took them to Kei Kawachi’s pottery which is in the very countryside of Toki city. His studio is in the middle of rice fields. He lives in a nice old house with his family, making ceramics in a pottery next to his house.

Kei Kawachi's studio

Kei Kawachi was born in Shizuoka and moved to this area to study ceramics. After working as an artisan in the ceramic industry for several years, he opened his own pottery in this area.

The day we went to his studio, mug cups I had ordered were ready.
Kei Kawachi's mugsI love this glaze color a lot. They look similar but shape and color are slightly different. It took a while to decide which one to take home with me…

I finally decide this one because I was falling love with this part . The shape of glaze in the bottom of the mug.
Kei Kawachi's mugsKei’s wife made us super tasty sweets. Her instagram is very popular as well as her husband’s pottery. She makes wonderful sweets and serves on Kei’s ceramics. Parfect combination!

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Kei Kawachi's mugs

Spanish friends also bought some plates and cups.  Hope they are having nice time with Kei’s ceramics in Madrid!

Kei Kawachi